Dali – Adopted 12/9/2011

December 9, 2011 – Happy Gotcha Day, Dali! 



UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Dali is a very well mannered puppy. She gets along great with her four older foster brothers and sisters and is great around children. She makes an awesome snuggle bug at night, and doesn’t mind sharing the bed with the cats. She is definitely Ms. Personality, and although her size is more on the petite side, you would never know it by her attitude. She loves to play outside and comes to you when called. Dali would make a great addition to any family.Dali is sure cute. I think Liz would keep her if she could. She is full of personality. She’s not a labby though – more on the Jack Russell/Chihuahua side. Our guess is that she is going to be all of 15 – 20lbs grown. She’s a love though – big snuggler.

UPDATE: She has a great personality, very active yet will cuddle with you to watch TV or take a nap. She is great with the other Labbies in our house, the 4 cats and is playful with our 4 year old grandson. She will make someone a great addition to their family.

One Friday morning Animal Control called us because someone was turning in some very young puppies found in a box. One of our volunteers, rushed over before the puppies had to go into the back of the shelter where they would most likely get sick. As she was about to drive away, the animal control van pulled in with one more tiny puppy who was found wondering all alone. We initially thought he was a sibling but after looking carefully we could see that he was from a different litter. Why was a 5 weeks old puppy wondering all alone we do not know. All we knew is that we could not let him behind. So off we went with one more puppy than expected. The puppies are about 6 weeks old, with the exception of Monet (ADOPTED) who is probably not older than 5. They are all doing well and eating on their own soft puppy food, even Mr Monet! We think that they are hound/lab mixes but your guess is as good as ours. ONLY FEMALES ARE LEFT. ALL VERY VERY CUTE! Dali has blue eyes.

Dali's brother & sisters. A big bundle of cuteness.