TJ – ADOPTED 2/4/2012

Update From TJ’s Forever Home:The first 10 days have been a delight. TJ behaves very well inside and tells us when he needs to go out. He patrols the house and has a magnificent deep bark when he hears something he considers suspicious. We’ve seen him watch TV; once when a noisy dog was on and walked off screen TJ walked over to that side of the TV to see where the dog went.
We went to the woods at Gold Branch twice Superbowl Sunday (the day after he came home), then every weekday but one since. TJ has already figured out that as soon as I get home from work that it’s time to go. He parks by the back door and waits for me to change.

We took the crate down that first Sunday. It was quickly obviously it was not needed.

Last Saturday we hiked a section of the Foothills Trail along the Chattooga River. TJ had a blast. I’ve attached a few pictures, it was hard to catch him still long enough to get a good shot off. It was cold too! TJ doesn’t seem to have the Labrador affinity for water, which is fine as he let me fish while he stood on the shore watching me. I was worried that he would go in after my lures. Similar experience at the lake on Sunday, no interest in even putting a paw in the water.

He can be insane on the trail. For every mile we walked on Sat., I think TJ ran 2 ½. On one of his passes he clipped me at full speed and knocked me over. Didn’t slow him a bit. This Sunday was mostly down time around the fire and working on a project the basement. He was content to come downstairs and watch then go back upstairs and hang out in front of the fire.

I have a black pickup, it’s the ideal TJ accessory. He looks perfect in the passenger seat. TJ’s learned that the truck and the van are transports to fun. You don’t have to tell him to load up.
Bottom line, we are delighted. He’s been well trained and is a real lover.



Hi There! My name is TJ and I am ready to find a forever home. When I was a puppy, some people with children took me in. But, I guess they forgot that I was going to grow. I am only 77 lbs, but they decided I was a little too big for their house, so I had to stay out on a small deck. Finally, this good man came along and took me to his home. I was taught so many wonderful things like my name (: Also, I learned to sit, shake and where to use the bathroom! But, this companion had some other problems and had to forfiet me. So, I now live in a barn. I like it here ok, but I miss having someone to play with and to love. I am only three years old and I have a life time of love to give you.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER PARENTS:TJ is doing great. He really is an awesome dog with one of the sweetest faces I have seen. He was able to settle into our home immediately. He gets along great with our two dogs. He’s completely house broken, has good manners and listens well to commands. He loves to play fetch and tug-a-war on occasion. He is also quite comfortable just chilling out. Through our short time with TJ, I can tell you that he seems to prefer a man to bond with but respects men and women equally.