David – Adopted 2/18/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, David!!

Meet Mr. David!! The shelter estimated him to be about 6 years old. Unfortunately, David has had a rough life without the proper care he deserves. In effect, he tested heartworm positive. Those sad eyes deserved another chance, and LFS stepped in to give him a better life. David went through HW treatment already and he is doing great. David is awesome: he is laid back, easy, and affectionate. He likes dogs, people, kids and even cats. The only thing he does not get is to get photographed: he turned away every time we tried to snap a picture. David will need a nice, quiet place to recover from his treatment. If you are interested in fostering David, please visit the “Fostering” section of our website.

UPDATE:  He is the sweetest pup. Gets along so well with his foster brother and sisters. Learned doggie door in one evening. No crating and no problems very loving and mellow. Fully house trained. Great dog for family with another dog as she loves to chase with other dogs.

UPDATE:  David is AMAZING! He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever transported, no doubt about it. He rides extremely well in the car and will lean against the back seat while he looks out the window. David is very affectionate and enjoys being petted as much as possible; if I stopped petting him, he would nudge my arm softly with his nose until I resumed petting him (not a hard thing to do with such a cutie! He’s so soft!). He even laid his head in my palm for me to hold/caress his face for a majority of the trip. He is one of the most laid back, easy going dogs I have met as well. David would be the perfect dog for anyone looking for a buddy to hang out with. He walks well on the leash and responds to commands like sit, stay, and shake. When introduced to cats, David didn’t even give them a second glance, as if they weren’t even there. It is obvious he belonged to someone at some point. He is on the smaller side, though he could stand to gain some weight.

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  1. Steven L.

    It has been almost 1 year since David’s “Gotcha Day”. I have to say a big thank you to all those at LFS. He is an amazing Lab, and my and my boys’ new best friend. He is loyal, well-mannered, and loves to play with us and other dogs. When he is happy, he has to grab a stuffed animal or two, or 5, and run around wagging his tail. He sleeps on the pillow next to me every night. I can’t wait to celebrate his one year Gotcha Day coming up in Feb. he’s going to be feted with lots of toys and treats!

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