Divot – Adopted 2/25/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Divot!!

Meet Divot and Cody! These 2 stellar lab mixes were adopted from us a few years ago, but unfortunate circumstances have brought them back to LFS. Cody is a bit fluffier than a regular lab, and has a tail that seems to have been docked when he was a puppy for some reason, but he has a labby personality nonetheless! Divot looks more like a lab of the two, and is a bit smaller. They are both around 4.5 years old. They can go to a home together or separate, but would probably do best with another dog.

UPDATE FROM THE FOSTER DAD: In terms of personality and likes/dislikes, Divot is energetic, incredibly sweet, loves people, and loves playing with Cody.  He is a typical lab: quite eager to please. Cody is the larger of the two; he is also very sweet yet less energetic than Divot, and is protective of his space without being aggressive. (He will bark at strangers on his property.) They both like people very much, and like any Lab, love time and attention. Cody and Divot like to play with each other and are happy to be outside as well; happy period, actually. They are also fairly well trained with basic commands.

The dogs are just typical labs. Worst case scenario is they might lick someone to death 🙂



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3 comments on “Divot – Adopted 2/25/2012”

  1. Elena

    This is the update from the trainer where they are stay right now:

    They both seem to know some basic commands but I think a little refresher would be good for them.They both respond pretty well to voice commands (except when they are barking at the big scary thing that is moving around the woods in the dark – this is the horse ha ha). They both love the ball. Both are really social and playful. Divit smiles and he is an all around goof. He likes a good belly rub. Cody is pretty much a teddy bear. So I think we should call him Oso. (Spanish for bear)

    Cody and Divot needs a foster home!

  2. Christa

    Mr. Divot has settled in nicely into our home. He’s an even-tempered guy that finds immense pleasure from the simple things in life — a belly rub, a snuggle, a game of fetch, a bone to chew on, and a romp with a friend or two. You can’t help but smile when he greets you at the door with a whole body wag (more like a vibration given how fast it is) and his crooked little smile — not to mention his sweet, gentle kisses with his spotted tongue. Divot needs a loving home that will give him the stability and reassurance he deserves. Kids and other dogs are a definite plus, but not a necessity.

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