Rita Adopted 4/4/2012


Enjoy your new family.


Update from foster mom: Rita absolutely LOVE water. She would love to live near a lake or be taken to the lake often. She is 100% lab. She is high energy but affectionate. She tossed the tennis ball in the air and the catches it. She has a strong hunting instinct so I don’t think I would trust her with cats, especially not a cat not used to dogs that would start running away. She loves to play with other dogs. She still needs some work on leash walking simply because her favorite thing to do is to walk next to you, touching your legs, preferably in between your legs. This makes leash walking a little hard but we are working on it! She is very affectionate and would do great with older kids to play with. She has also the potential to do well with small kids once she learns not to jump on people. She is great dog, full of personality, learning very quickly. I think she would be a great dog for someone interested in training her for dock diving (she is also super fast) or retrieving. 

Meet Rita! Rita is very cute and affectionate. She was in a pen all her life and it shows. She is still a little nervous in the house but in less than 24 hours she has gone a long way already. She plays well with my young dog but she could also be an only dog as she really craves and desire human attention. In the pictures you see her with a slice of bread: every morning my dogs get a piece a bread while I have breakfast. I gave her one too as I do to all the fosters. She clearly never had bread as she did not know what to do with it, so she decided to play with it, tossing in the air and carrying it around. It was adorable.. Kiara (my dog) also thinks so as at the end she is the one who got it and ate it. She is VERY good looking. She is a short, stocky lab. She looks like a pure english lab. I will try to take more pictures when she settles in…

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  1. Wendy Bentley

    I am wanting more info on Rita. What part of Alabam is she living at this time? Is she more comfortable in the house now?

    We live in Destin, FL and we are boaters. We are looking for a lab to spend all day everyday with my husband on the boat, at the dock or just running errands in the truck. She sounds just perfect for us!

    • lfselena

      Wendy, I figured it may be easier to reply here. Rita is actually in Atlanta, GA. She is doing a lot better now and loving being in the house for the most part. She loves being inside, going through doors is still an issue sometime but that is typical of labs who have been outside all their life and will go away soon. This said, she has an appointment for adoption for this week. I will know Friday afternoon if she is still available. You are welcome to submit an adoption application to assure your next place in line. If she is adopted I am sure we can get another dog for you. I am getting a one year old yellow male in soon… Please note that we do not ship dogs so you would have to drive to Atlanta with your family to pick up your dog.

      To get approved for adoption go to http://www.labradorfriends.com and click on the Adopt button/picture to see our adoption policies. There you will find the adoption application. Complete it, submit it, and pay the $15 processing fee. We will approve you for adoption in a couple of days and then contact you to discuss our dogs and set up an appointment to meet them. You can see in the “available labs” all the dogs we currently have. Our adoption fee is $275 plus a refundable $100 for small puppies. For the answer to the most common questions look under our “FAQs” section at https://labradorfr.wpengine.com/faqs/


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