One + One = Four

What did I learn this month?  That sometime 1+1 does not equal 2.  Rita is a great one year old lab who is sweet and just need to learn some manner.  She was my foster.  Kiara is a 10 months old who is working on her training.  Neither one is submissive nor dominant.   On paper, the combination  of the two should be easy and fun, in practice the two of the together where trouble all over!  Friendly competition created a dynamic that meant that what one did the other copied, and this included good or bad habits.  Taking one at the time these two are wonderful dogs, together they were two teenagers at their worse.  Rita was adopted by a wonderful family:  Peace is back in my house now and Rita is happy and content in her new home.  So what is the lesson?  Finding the right match for you dog is more important than finding a good dog.

Do you have any story of two dogs getting each other in trouble? Comment below and share you story.