Maui – Adopted 5/30/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Maui!!

Update: Maui keeps making great improvements. This morning I wanted to take Maui to Settles Bridge Park, which has some large dog pens Maui was *great* socializing with the other dogs and people; 

 Maui is getting better and better and she is doing great on her socializing.  We went to the dog park yesterday and she played with the other dogs, both larger and smaller — even a little bit of “play fighting” with a Boxer and another (pretty small) dog.  She was very friendly with the owners too.  I think you are aware that she is very prissy, and won’t go out when it’s raining; won’t walk in the grass after it’s rained; won’t walk through puddles; etc., etc.  Well, after playing with a pack of hyper dogs for about 20 minutes, she walked through a mud puddle; walked over to where I was sitting in a pavilion, and flopped down on the floor — not even bothering to clean her feet! She is very attached to me and at times she is a little jealous but she is getting better and better at walking (not pulling so much) and at the park she did not misbehave when other dogs came over to me and gave me kisses or got petted.

Our work on basic commands is resulting in continuous improvement. It’s hard to believe she’s only been with me for just over two weeks!  What a wonderful lady she is turning out to be!  

Update: Maui is currently in training. She is doing very well and learning to be more comfortable around other dogs. Maui is truly a sweet girl. She bonds very well with the person who takes care of her and she is very loyal.

Meet Maui! This pretty girl is around 6 years old, and now that her 10 puppies have all been adopted, it’s time for her to find her own special, forever home. Maui is an incredibly social dog! She is very affectionate and loves to be petted, rubbed, stroked, or just snuggle on the sofa. She gets a sparkle in her eye when she sees the leash and her tail doesn’t quit wagging while she waits patiently at the door to go out for walks. Maui is housebroken and crate-trained. She knows basic commands but could probably use a refresher course in training. Maui gets excited when she sees other people or dogs across the street. Although she could use some training on the leash around other dogs, she seems to be really loyal and is looking for someone to bond with – she wants to love someone.  She would be great in a home with someone to keep her company and a yard to chase squirrels and birds around!

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  1. Jen

    BIG, BIG YEA for Maui!!! So happy that she found her and her new family!

  2. Henry Ferris

    Turner (Barbados) was sooooooooo happy to hear that her mom has a new forever family that will love her as much as her own!

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