Bo – Adopted 6/21/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Bo!! 

Meet Bo! Bo is 1 and 1/2 years old and was surrendered by his owner together with his sister. He is handsome and such a good boy. He is a golden lab mix, he is more golden and his sister is more like a lab.

UPDATE: Bo is absolutely gorgeous. The pictures do not give him justice. He is 77 pounds but to me he looks bigger than that. He has hair like a lab and a very nice lab block head. But his coat is the color of a golden lab with white feet. He is very sweet and loves to get his ear rubbed. I only had a flat collar when I took him for a short walk and he did great.Itt is clear that he was not trained on the leash as he was zig zagging in front of me, yet he never tried to pull much and would respond to corrections. In fact it was funny as every time I did a tag correction he would stop. We saw a dog in the distance and he was interested but not barking. He was very curious of all the cars going by us which made me think that this country boy needs some time getting adjusted to city life. I felt like he was a little confused which is normal after so many changes in a few days. He was happy to go back to the vet and went back into his crate with no fuss. He should be neutered by today and will be ready for a permanent or foster home soon.  Did I say he is gorgeous?!


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