Dodger – Adopted 7/7/2012

Happy Gotcha Day Dodger

Dodger loved the water so much that he decided to move out of state closer to the water. Good choice Dodger! Read more of his story below.


Meet Dodger. He is a stunning 3 years old lab. He loves people and he is great with kids. He is fully housebroken and currently in a home with other dogs. He is medium to high energy but not crazy. He loves to be outside especially swimming and walking.  He would be a great addition to an active family including with kids. He can be an only dog or also be with other dogs in the house to play with. Dodger is just an overall typical lab.  More updated from foster mom coming soon.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Dodger loved the ride to his foster home and settled right in with my three labbies.  He immediately used the doggie door as if he was very familiar with it.   He is completely housebroken and not one accident, also very well trained and well mannered.  His coat is  beautiful black and shiny.  He looks like a black pointer and is very regal looking.  He gets along great with my dogs but is also independent so I think he would do well either as an only dog or with others.  He is my shadow and follows me every where I go as he acts just a little insecure with the changes in his life.  I did not crate him Saturday and left the house a couple of times to test him.  Absolutely no problem with him being left in house uncrated.  He is getting adapted to his surroundings and the other dogs and is a pleasure to have around.  If you want a dog that is very giving and loving, Dodger would completely fill that bill for you.  He loves to give kisses and is very appreciative of treats and affection.  He does gulp his food so I’ve been feeding him on a cookie sheet.  Will also look into getting him one of the special dishes to slow his eating down.  Doger is a winner in all categories.

4 comments on “Dodger – Adopted 7/7/2012”

  1. Sarah

    What happened at his previous home? Why was he given up?

    • lfselena


      their life situation simply changed. We do our best to find people that are committed for the life of the dogs but sometime things change and people are either not committed anymore, or even if they are, they simply cannot keep the dog anymore. We have a clause in our adoption contract that requires adopters to return the dog to us if they cannot keep him/her anymore at any point in their life. In these cases we take all the dogs back and re-home them. This is why we are looking for a new home for Dodger.


  2. Juliana Herickhoff

    Dodger looks like such a gem! I filled out an application last week- before he was up on your website- and just wanted to let you know we are very interested in him. You have so many great dogs available and we are very open to any you think would be a good match for our family. Thank you!

  3. Kristy LIles

    I am very interested in Dodger!! Our family lost our female lab of 10 yrs “Murphy” last November. We are despratley wanting to replace all the love and joy we got from our baby. Dodger seems to have all the same traits and personality as our Murphy. Not long after Murphy passed away I made an attempt to fill the broken heart of my 12 yr old son by getting him a Redbone Coon Hound puppy for Christmas. He absolutly loved and adored his new buddy but unfortunatly his puppy was run over by a car this past week, we made ever attempt to save the little guy. After several surgerys and alot of tears we had to make the decision to put him to sleep. We just couldnt bare to see him suffer. Now once again I am watching my son shed tears over yet another loss. My son and I decided to check out the Lab Rescue sight to see if we could possibly find another Lab like the one we had that completed our family. Please email me all the information you can on Dodger. He just may be the one that could mend our broken hearts.

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