Harriett – Adopted 7/14/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Harriett!!

Update from Harriet’s (Aeryn)Foster Mom: Harriet is the sweetest, most loving dog in the world.  She loves giving kisses, is faster than a cheetah, and can jump higher than a kangaroo.  She loves chasing squirrels, going for runs, and playing with tennis balls.  She knows how to sit, stay, and go down-we’re working on come.  She is left un-crated all day, never has accidents, and rarely chews something she shouldn’t (my fault, not hers).  Initially encountering anything for the first time, Harriet is afraid of it-person, noise, bag…anything.  However, she can quickly adapt to most things…except males.  She is very frightened of men. Harriet will be perfect in a home with a backyard to play in, preferably with another dog, and someone who is patient and loving.

Meet Aeryn! Aeryn is a sweet 8 month old black lab. She was once an LFS puppy and got adopted, but unforeseen circumstances have caused her owners to have to give her up. Aeryn would make an awesome addition. Aeryn is a little shy at first but she quickly gets really attached and affectionate. She is not a chewer and she likes to play with dog toys. When she is ready to take a nap she looks for people to snuggle with. We think she would do better with a fenced yard and another dog, but more than anything Aeryn needs the right home to love her and make her feel secure.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM:  Aeryn is the easiest and sweetest foster I had. She follows me around all the time. She is so well behaved, and once told “no” once for something, she doesn’t repeat it. She is not a chewer and she only plays with her toys. She likes to go for walks and runs. She is a little afraid of men but we are working on this and she is getting better. She sleeps the entire night on a dog bed next to my bed and she waits until the alarm clock goes off before saying hi. She is so absolutely precious and so easy – I hate that she has had a rough start to life, but know that she will make the best companion for someone out there – male or female.



UPDATE: Aeryn is such a sweet, easy, loving, dog…of course, unfortunately still a little scared of males. I have noticed though slight improvements – this afternoon I coaxed her into the chair with my dad and she actually licked his face! She regresses though when she first sees any male that she may have shown improvements with prior – she will bark and back away from them. She does better once they are sitting down. She knows a few tricks – “sit” and “down” and we are currently working on “stay,” which she is pretty good at. She is also extremely well behaved – once I tell her no one time, she generally will remember it in the future. For example, she knows she isn’t allowed on my couches, and I never have to remind her of that. I also leave her uncrated now, and she is perfect – she’s never had an accident in my apartment, knock on wood 😉 Also, she gets along fabulously with other dogs – loves to play, run, jump, and tackle. She loves to sniff cats, chase squirrels, and run with dogs. She’s my little companion, best friend, and we go everywhere together. Aeryn would make a wonderful addition to the right family who can understand and work on her fears. She had a difficult start of life, lets make sure the rest of her life will be easy!