Oliver – Adopted 7/14/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Oliver!!

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM:  Oliver is doing well. Although it has only been a day he is already coming out of his shy shell. Yesterday was an adjustment. But he definitely loves hanging out with Jax and Lainey and is slowly getting comfortable with us. He still likes his corners but he doesn’t shake or back down when we go to pet him or pick him up. Last night he slept in the bed with all of us. I know that is a bad habit but he wanted to be next to us, that he even curled up on our pillows. During the night he would snuggle, wag his tail when we petted him and even gave us a few kisses. Today he finally decided to explore the house on his own.

Little Mr Oliver is one of our “Film Directors” puppies (you get to guess which director). He is around 5 months old and super cute. He is currently 25 pounds so he will not be a huge lab. He is still a little shy and unsure of what is going on, but he is already getting out of his shell and he will be more every day. At the vet he tried to hide behind the chair but he was more comfortable outside which where he spent more of his life. If you are looking us on Facebook (if you are not, you should “like” us), this is one of the 10 puppies from South Georgia. Oliver is ready to go to a loving home ready to love  him and teach him that people are not all like his previous owner.

Here is Oliver playing with her sister Jodie.  He is the one with the red collar.

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  1. Carol Barry

    It’s so hard to believe Oliver was that small and that shy!!! He is about 60lbs now and so playful. He is still a little shy but nothing like he was at first! We love him!

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