What’s Small, Sugar Free, & Deadly to your Lab?

Yesterday I received some very sad news that prompted me to remind everyone of the dangers hiding in our own home. Most everyone knows not to give chocolate, raisins, or grapes to their pets, but do you know that a common ingredient in sugar free gum can be deadly too?! , a common ingredient in sugar free gum, candy and foods can cause severe hypoglycemia and/or liver failure.  Dogs ingesting greater than 0.1 g/kg of xylitol should be considered at risk. This means that one or two pieces of gum could cause hypoglycemia in

a 20 lb dog.  An entire pack of gum can be deadly for a lab but some labs can get really sick with less.  Signs of Xylitol poisoning include vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, and seizures.  Sometime by the time you realize your dog is sick, liver failure has already started. If you suspect that your dog has eaten something containing  Xylitol, take them to the vet right away.

The ASPCA reports that number of Xylitol cases had a surge in the last few years. Xylitol poisoning in preventable with education: I personally don’t have any sugar free candy or gum in my house.

Here is an article with more information HERE.

Dear Lily, you will be dearly missed but always in our hearts.


6 comments on “What’s Small, Sugar Free, & Deadly to your Lab?”

  1. Ginny

    Thanks so much.I have a yellow Lab and did not know this and I always have gum laying around.Just informed my daughter of this also.

  2. Pearl

    Thanks I had no idea. We love our Yellow Lab Mollie and would not want to give her anything that would make her sick or endanger her live.

  3. Nicola

    Poor Lily .. she’ll be waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge for her owners ..ready to pounce and soak them with her loaded tongue (the type only labs have!)

    It’s not something I have, as I can’t stand sweeteners – they make my mouth very dry for some reason .. but I’d never have guessed they’d be so poisonous – a bit like a lot of cost owners don’t realise that one paracetamol is enough to kill a cat .. it’s so sad x

  4. Liz D.

    Thank you so much for the info. I am a smoker so I use gum like Trident and Orbits to freshen my breath after a cigarette, so it’s quite a common item in my household. We were planning on getting a dog in the near future. This will help my family make sure that precious pawsome animal is safe and healthy! 😀

  5. Amber Patton

    Oh my this is just awful ? Lily and her family are in my thoughts ? Do you mind me asking what it was that she ate? I understand it was Xytilol, but what product was it? How old was Lily? Thanks.

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