Dallas – Adopted 9/8/2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Dallas!!

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Meet Dallas! Dallas was found with Adele. These two sweethearts were found in a car lot together after having been there for 4 or 5 days. Animal control picked them up and no one came to claim them, so LFS stepped in to give them the second chance they deserve. They are both believed to be around 5 years old and are as sweet as can be. In just 24 hours of being out of the shelter, these two have opened up tremendously. What started out as two scared and shy dogs turned into the happy-go lucky Labradors they are meant to be. I believe that they are truly happy to be safe.

Dallas is the more adventurous of the two. Each will give you a paw to let you know that they would like to be petted. Adele is quick to roll over if she thinks you’re a good candidate to give her a belly rub! Both appear to be crate trained, walk relatively well on a leash, and they seem to know some basic commands. While they are happy together, they would probably do well in separate homes as well.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER FAMILY: Dallas is such as sweet dog. He is very laid back. He loves attention and will lift up his leg to shake hoping that you will acknowledge him. Since he was a stray we do have a few things to work on with him but he is learning quickly. He has already learned most of the basic commands since we have gotten him. After taking him on a walk the first day that we brought him home he went under our boat, that was parked in the driveway, not knowing that he was invited into the home.  He is very good with people and fine with other dogs but will let them know when he wants to be left alone. Dallas loves water and he is very sweet. He would do best as an only dog.

Dallas is fully recovered from his heartworm treatment.  He is gaining back his energy but still pretty easy going. He loves to be taken on walks through the woods and going for a swim in the creek along the way. Now that he is feeling better he is getting a lot more playful! He loves to fetch and he LOVES attention. He is also great with kids and very tolerant. He is good with other dogs, he usually just ignores them, but he loves getting all of the attention so he would do best as an only dog.

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