[Raffle/Fundraiser]Healing Tucker & Sassy

When we rescue Labs, we don’t always know what we are getting with regards to a Lab’s behavioral, physical or medical background. We do our best to get all the information possible but we really do not know until we get them in to see our Vets. Typically this is when we identify the medical issues that a Rescue Lab might have and address them. From neutering to treatment, Labrador Friends of the South covers those expenses no matter what the cost.

Tucker and Sassy are two beautiful Rescues that are being given another chance at life, but they both need to big surgeries that would make their lives just a little bit sweeter. 


[box style=”rounded”]Tucker, he has an old joint injury to his back leg, likely from getting stuck in a fence or trap. Basically, because it wasn’t treated properly, he now has arthritis in his tarsus (ankle), which is painful and causes him to walk with a limp and/ or hold up that back leg. The surgery that GVS is proposing is a arthrodesis, or joint fusion, which basically takes the functionality of the joint away, but also stops the motion, which takes away the pain. [/box]

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Sassy

[box style=”rounded”]Sassy, unfortunately, has hip dysplasia. The good news however, is that although her hip joints have a ton of laxity, and therefore cause pain for her as the femoral heads (top of the thigh bone) rub in and out of the hip joint (acetabulae), there isn’t any evidence of arthritis at this point. This means that she is a good candidate for a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO) procedure. This procedure, which changes the conformation of the hip joint and therefore stops the laxity and allows the hip to function properly, will prevent her from having the pain and will also prevent arthritis in the future. [/box]


The good news is that both Sassy & Tucker can both be living pain free, but we need your help. We have set a goal of $8,000. Yes, $8,000. This will cover both of their surgeries and recovery.

Help & Win

So here is the Fun part. You can Donate any amount you wish, but for every $5 increment Donation that you make, you will be entered in a Raffle  to win some awesome and fun prizes. Donate $10 that is two entries, donate $20 that is 4 entries. We will than raffle off all the entries for the prizes at the end of the Fundraiser. So here is what you can win.

[button style=”info” color=”silver”]When you Donate $20 or more you automatically receive a LFS Sticker.[/button]
[button style=”info” color=”aqua”]$40 or more, you will receive a LFS Magnet.[/button]
[button size=”large” color=”red”]With over 3,000 LFS Fans we know we can obtain our goal if everyone chipped in $5. [/button]

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  1. Carl McInroy


    I see your $40 and raise it to $100!! All for a great cause.

  2. Achilles (designer pup)

    Just donated $50 to help out some of my LFS brothers and sisters. My sister Lucy (another adopted pup with a forever home) is about to match it!

  3. Becky

    Hi! What happened to Sassy and Tucker–are you still looking for donations?

    • lfselena

      They were both adopted so we do not need donations for them anymore. We do, however, have other dogs that are HW+ and we need donations for so you are welcome to donate for another dog. Elena

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