Midnight – Adopted 10/12/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!!

Meet Midnight. She is a small lab mix (48 pounds) and she is 7 year old.  Her owners brought her to a vet clinic to be euthanized because they were moving. The vet at the clinic decided that she still had a long life ahead of her so she got the owners to surrender her instead. She is very sweet and laid back. She would be great for an older couple or low maintenance family. She likes to chase squirrels, bark at the UPS guy and LOVES food in typical lab fashion. She is completely housebroken, she likes other dogs, people and even cats. She is healthy, just a little stiff and most dogs her age are: Good food and some simple supplements will keep her running after squirrels for a while longer. If you are looking for an easy loving dog, look no further.