McKenzie Adopted 11/9/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!!

Meet McKenzie. She is two year old.  She weighs about 55 pounds and is an amazing dog that loves to run and roam around in the dog park. Her current owner lives in an apartment and cannot dedicate the attention she needs so he asked us for help placing her in another home. Mckenzie is medium to high energy and would do best in home with a yard and with an active family who can give her some structure. That said, she will snuggle with you on the couch while you are watching tv or keep your feet warm.  She does great with children and she loves to play with other dogs and she is used to go to a dog park multiple times for week. She can sit/down/paw and does ok on the leash.Mckenzie is fully housebroken. McKenzie is now in a foster home adjusting well. We will post more updates from foster dad soon.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER DAD: Quick update on McKenzie’s first weekend in the foster home….she’s been perfect!  She’s definitely settled in and is lounging out on the couch next to me as I type this.  She has gotten along great with my own dog and hasn’t had any bathroom accidents.  I had a house full of people and dogs yesterday and McKenzie was an excellent host.  No problems with other dogs (even though she’d never met them before) and was great with all the people at my house.I’ve crated her during the night and haven’t heard a single peep out of her either night.  Once she’s in the crate, she settles down and I don’t hear her until I wake up.  I think she’d be fine unsupervised, so we’re gonna give it a test run pretty soon.  McKenzie loves playing, but can also snuggle up during some down-time.  I’ve only had her a few days, but there’s been at least 15 or 20 times she’s walked over to me while I’m sitting on the couch and she just puts her head right on my knee looking for a head scratch.  I put her in the back seat yesterday on a trip to the store and she rode the entire way with her head resting on my shoulder.  She’s excellent on car rides….jumps right in and is happy as can be.
McKenzie is a sweet girl who just needs a family that can give her the attention she needs.  A backyard is a must.  I haven’t noticed any attempts to escape, but she loves to just walk/run around in the yard and sniff everything.  She comes when she’s called and is always smiling.  It might also be beneficial if she went to a family who already has a dog as it’ll give her another playmate.  She really enjoys both people and other dogs.



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  1. Sue Lemure

    how is she with cats or a small animals i have a cat and a rabbit the rabbit i in a hutch at all times .I have a 4 yr old blk lab Shimmer they look so much alike! He is about 58 to 60 lbs..He hates the car which is so sad for me Im working on this with him ..McKenzie is so beautiful, how to explain to a dog why it is being moved around so much it just hurts my heart
    Sue Lemure

    • lfselena

      Sue we do not know how she is with cats but she has a pretty strong hunting drive so I would necessarily trust her around small animals. Elena

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