Sport Adopted 11/25/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!!

Meet Sport. He is a 9-10 weeks old and super sweet. He is a lab/hound mix with lap ears and coonhound markings. He is 18 pounds so he will be a good size dog. Open your heart to sweet Sport and you will not be disappointed. He has big floppy ears and, how you can see, they flip back when he is posing for the camera.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Sport is an energetic, playful puppy.  He loves to play, be around people, and eat.  I have never seen a dog eat faster in my life, or be so quick to find any other available food in the house!  At first he can be a little dominant with other dogs, and has difficulty sharing toys; however, after a short time, he quickly adjusts and plays wonderfully.  At night, he is a great cuddler in the bed, and during the day he goes in the crate while I’m at work.  He is working on potty training, as well as other dog tricks.  Sport would be a great dog for a family that wants a best friend-he doesn’t like being separated from people, and will follow you around wherever you go!


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  1. Rich

    Will Sport be at Adoption Day this Sat, 17 Nov….we live in Cumming and would like to visit.

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