Sassy Adopted 12/1/2012

Happy Gotcha Day!!

Foster Flunkie!!

Sassy is a 10-12 months old black lab. She is sweet and loving and a little shy. She is small and will probably not be larger than 40-45 pounds full grown. Sassy will get to your heart the moment you see her. She is just getting adjusted to her foster sisters and brothers. She is doing well and love her big brother.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: She is doing so much better with all her little antics and is now completly house broken.  All it took was learning the doggie door and now she is very comfortable with it.  She is very smart and learns easily by watching the big dogs.  It is so cute to watch her do the same things as big dogs and she follows them around all the time.  She is a destroyer of stuffed toys as she feels it is her job to pull out all the stuffing from every toy, however if you tell her NO, she will stop.  She will then play with what is left, be it a foot or arm or leg.   She loves to be held and petted and loved on and knows to sit before getting a treat or eating.  She is getting along great with all my dogs and loves to wrestle with Maggie Mae and Zoey.  She loves Pumpkin and is continually giving him kisses.  She will make a great addition to any family that wants the cutest little pup that you can watch all day playing and keeping busy.


9 comments on “Sassy Adopted 12/1/2012”

  1. Jacqueline Blau

    What is required to adopt Sassy. We have a chocolate lab who is 1 years old, and she is a female. Does she get along with female dogs and children?

    • lfselena

      Yes, Sassy gets along with other dogs and children. She is still a little skittish but getting more secure every day. She is a lot of fun and loves to play with toys. She is really cute,


  2. Kayron

    I can attest to Sassy’s sweetness. She is such a loving little girl and just wants to play and play. But then she sacks out like a puppy will do and you can just kiss and love on her and she eats all the attention up!

  3. Dee Smith

    Will Sassy be at the Adoption Day tomorrow? Would love to meet her. We have raised several Labs over the last several years. We have been without a “baby” in our home for a while and ready to give a pup much love….

  4. lfselena

    Sassy is not coming to adoption days as she needs surgery before she can get adopted. We are launching a fundraiser today and hopefully we will soon have enough money to make her feel better. Stay posted and check out our website if you want to help. Elena

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