Bonnie – Adopted 12/19/2012

Happy Gotcha Day Bonnie! We can already see you will have lost of fun with your new family.


Here is Bonnie’s story:

Bonnie and Clyde are brother and sister who found themselves in a bad situation where they were being picked on by the family kids. A good samaritan was able to convince the family to give up the dogs and they asked us to help them find a new home for them. They are 5 months old and very sweet.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER DAD: Bonnie is awesome!!  She is getting more used to the leash, isn’t jumping up so much and absolutely has come out of her shyness! She is running, playing and generally having an awesome time with her foster sisters. But the best part is that she has an unlimited supply of puppy kisses and hugs. We had 10 people over for Thanksgiving and she wasn’t the least bit scared – in fact she had to play with everyone and of course make sure we all had enough kisses. She has had zero accidents and is definitely cage trained. Wimpers just a little and then just chills out. Her coat is thick and she seems to have been well fed. Just a wonderful, playful, curious little pup!She fit right in immediately – like she has been here forever. 

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  1. Darnell Long

    Hello, I love Labs and have had Yellow Labs for 25 years. Only have one now and she is 14. Her arthritis is getting worse and I actually had someone put a ramp up for her today so she can get on and off the deck easier. She weights about 85 – 95 lbs so I cannot pick her up easily.
    I know I will always have a Lab and this is a wonderful site.

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