Sunday with the New Year Puppies

Today I went to spend a few hours with the New Years Puppies to help their foster mom at feeding time.  It was an amazing experience. As I arrived the puppies were waking up: The complains for food was not too bad at first, but when their foster mom came by and their smelled her

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Jack Frost – Adopted 12/23/2012

Happy New Beginning sweet Jack Frost. The Holiday puppies are here! These 9 week old babies are very sweet but a bit shy. We can’t wait to see them blossom in foster homes. This is Jack Frost! FOSTER UPDATE: Jack Frost is doing great. He is sweet and snuggly. This entire litter has a great

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Gingerbread – Adopted 12/21/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Gingerbread. I will surely miss you but you have found a great family. Sweet little Gingerbread checked out great! Our vet thinks she’s about 12 weeks old. She is adorable! This is the sweetest softest puppy. She has some shepherd in her  but plenty of lab to live up to her breed!

Johnny Cash – Adopted 12/19/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Johnny Cash. Look what a great family you have now! Meet Johnny Cash and sister June. The man in black is wearing white. This sweet 10 week old boy is the brother of June. They were pulled from a shelter on their last day. We know these two cuties will make some family

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We were all soaking wet yet we were all very happy…

Our Holiday parties have a reputation for always been on a day that is either very very cold or raining very hard. Our first party was during the drought and yet that day we had a river of water flowing under our tent. This year was not different: It was raining and cold… yet we

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Tex – Adopted 12/14/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Tex Meet Tex. We called him Tex because the white spot on his chest looks like Texas. Tex is around 9-10 months. He was turned in to animal control sick with Parvo. He was put in isolation and treated and he survived. But he could still not be put with all the

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Bandit – Adopted 12/14/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Bandit… Meet Bandit who has already lived up to his name by stealing our hearts. He is a 5 year old male who currently lives with 4 other dogs. He likes to be the boss of his furry brothers and sisters but knows how to sit and shake from his human owners. He will

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Holland – Adopted 12/13/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet HollandMeet Holland our 1 year old girl pup looking for a new start. She was rescued by our group on kill day at a shelter only a few hours before her time was up. What can we say, we could not resist. She does not have much training but very keen

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Ziggy – Adopted 12/1/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Ziggy. Meet Ziggy. You can see from these pictures that he is a happy, happy dog. He is 5 years old and a pure lab (He is AKC registered). Unfortunately his family cannot keep him anymore so he is not looking for a new home.  He is house trained and good with

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Izzie – Adopted 11/24/2013

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Izzie –   We would like to introduce you to Izzie a 4 year old female lab who lives up to her breed. She is good with other dogs and loves to play ball. She is well mannered around the home, house trained and quiet. She is a smart girl and knows how to

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