Little – Adopted 1/12/2013

Happy Gotcha Day Little. No more storm drains for you, just a warm comfy house!

Meet our new puppy. We call him Little but really he is not little, just young, too young to be running around alone hiding in a storm drain. A good Samaritan rescued him and he is not getting used to life inside a home and looking for a permanent home. While he’s full of puppy play and curiosity, he’s also very laid back and easy to have around.  He likes to follow either foster mom or his foster sister around the house and will snuggle up for a nap with either one of us. Little is now fully vaccinated and doing great.  Little may be young but he has big floppy ears that are very expressive and move all around.  He is just a super cute puppy!

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: He’s done very well in the crate.  I was amazed that after just a few minutes of crying at night, he quickly settled in and slept 6 and 7 hours with no accidents.  The rest of his housetraining is coming along well.Now that he’s eating good food instead of what’s off the street and has had his first round of de-worming pills, I expect to see his energy increase. I’m sending along some pictures that show his sweet face and how much fun he has playing with his foster sister.