Boomer Adopted 2/9/2013

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Labrador Friends of the South - Available lab Boomer


Meet Boomer, our handsome new yellow boy. 18 months old. He is 18 months old and very playful. He was surrendered to us by his owner after his human mom was diagnosed with cancer. He has lived with another small dogs and older kids. We do not know how he is with cats but we suspect he may like to chase them. He is just the typical young lab: happy, playful and strong. He looks bigger than he is in this picture, he is only 55 lbs. We will have more pictures and an update from foster mom soon so come back to the website in a couple of days.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER:  Boomer is a very sweet boy.  He is very playful and is having a blast playing with his foster sisters.  He is house broken and knows some basic commands, sit, shake, etc.  He is good with kids, though very small kids might have a hard time dealing with his energy.

On his way to his new foster home...very excited!

On his way to his new foster home…very excited!

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14 comments on “Boomer Adopted 2/9/2013”

  1. Mary Ann Martin

    I am deeply saddened but deeply pleased ~ I pray someone will adopt Boomer soon!! He needs medical attention and LOVE!! Thank you to LFS!!! I hope he gets a foster soon!!!

  2. hunter

    Boomer was my dog. it was not my choice to give him up so i hope he finds a good home. He is my best friend and meens evrything to me. if the foster parents are reading this tell boomer i love him so much and will never stop.

    • lfselena

      Boomer does NOT need medical attention. He is super healthy. I guess my post was not clear…

  3. Jo

    I know that dog. His owner was a boy who really loved him. His mother got cancer and his dad didn’t like the dog because he was so playful and energetic. Very sad. He’s a great, friendly dog!

  4. Sue powers

    Can someone please tell me if he is crate trained and if he gets car sick?

      • Sue powers

        How about crate trained? Can we set up a meet and greet? Sue powers. I already have an app submitted.

  5. Robin

    We would love to add Boomer to our family, as we lost our beautiful, sweet, girl to osteosarcoma (bone cancer in dogs) in late September.
    She was our daughter’s service dog of 10 years. She was the Love of us all!
    We will provide the best of care to Boomer and give him the best life possible!
    please consider us

    • hunter

      miss robin my name is hunter i am very sorry to hear bout your dog. well please contact me on facebook my name is hunter macauley and i would love to keep in contact with you because boomer was my dog i understand if you would feel uncomfortable and understand if you deny me my request but god bless you in taking this dog.

      • Melissa

        Hunter – I was Boomer’s foster Mom, and today he was adopted to a great family. Trust me when I tell you he will be very loved and well taken care of. I know you are missing him, but want you to know he is with a great family!

  6. Rosey

    Is Boomer still available. We would love to add him to our family we have another rescue lab he’s now 2 yrs and four kids. We would have lots and lots of love and fun with us. Please contact me and thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

  7. hunter

    thank you that really means a lot to me that boy should be very happy he has a great dog, and thank you for giving him a great time when he was in your care.

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