Carly Rae Adopted 2/9/2013

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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Carly Rae 2

Meet Carly Rae! This sweet yellow labbie girl is on the smaller side, but she could definitely stand to gain some weight. She is around 2-3 years old. Carly was very happy to get out of the shelter, and she rode well in the car, leaning her head on my lap and excitedly watching out through the window the whole time. She is very loving and just needs some TLC. It seems as though she will bond quickly to anyone who opens their heart up to her, as she became a lap dog within a matter of minutes. As we get Carly into a foster home and learn more about her personality, (and get some better pictures!), keep checking back for more info on this wonderful girl.

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Carly Rae

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  1. Ann

    As I type this I’m baking a chicken, the legs of which will be eaten by Mr. Black, my 12-year-old Black Lab mix. We’ve already had our puppy/person discussion which could be titled “Chick-en?” which resulted in much tail wagging, as Mr. Black knows this word. Is Carla hungry? Because, actually, I fear Mr. Black is lonely. I’ve been thinking lately that he so needs a canine friend. We have cement floors here; it’s not a fancy house at all, but there’s a nice fenced back yard and a wooded area behind it. I can promise Miss Carly that she would eat well. Please email me if I seem like a likely forever home.

  2. Pat Yovich

    Where is the Adoption? We would like more info on Carly Rae…We live in Pooler, GA (just on the outskirts of Savannah) And are looking for a yellow lab. We lost our last Sept…..102 lbs. Yellow lab…11 yrs. old, and his stomach flipped…So Sad…So Sudden….We are now ready to “rescue our best furry friend:

    • Elena

      Pat, the adoption day is in Alpharetta. The address is on the home page once you click on our events. This said since you are driving from so far away I would recommend that you get approved before you drive up here (we do approve people on the spot at adoption days). I am not sure if we can approve you by saturday but we can start there. If you are not approved in time for saturday we can touch base after that and, if she is still available, we can make an appointment and you can drive up here. We have someone driving today from Savannah to meet one of our dogs. Please email us directly at for faster reply and to ask more questions. Thank you Elena

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