Dooley – Adopted 2/9/13

Lab Friends of the South Dooley

Lab Friends of the South Dooley2

Lab Friends of the South Dooley3

Happy Gotcha Day! This is Dooley.  He is a 7 year old male who was an owner surrender at animal control. Apparently his owners were headed to Florida and didn’t want to take him with them. He is super sweet, shy, and submissive. We are sure that once he realizes that he is safe and wont be abandoned again, he will come out of his shell. For now, he loves sleeping on the couch and in his foster mom’s closet. Dooley is good with other dogs.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM:He is still very shy.  He is happy to see me and gets excited for going outside, eating and treats but then heads right back to his safety zone upstairs.  He will chill with me on the couch as well.  I have heard him bark now a couple times when he is super excited about treats.  Other than that he is quiet as a mouse.  I will get him out on some walks this weekend to see if that energizes him. Dr Funk said he has no muscle tone at all so he probably has a long history of laying around. This said, he got to meet a house guest last night and he was in heaven. He was so excited that he jumped around, barked for attention and wouldn’t leave the side of her chair. If she stopped petting for a minute he dug his head under her arm. So much for him being a shy boy. He is a love bug just like I suspected. It warmed my heart to see him act like a normal dog. I love fostering.

6 comments on “Dooley – Adopted 2/9/13”

  1. Jane

    How is Dooley being on and off leash? Around other dogs? Does he like to fetch and does he like the water? My husband & I are on the search for an addition like Dooley to our house.

    • lfselena

      He is a cutie but he is still a little freaked out so for now he rather snuggle than playing fetch. He is pretty laid back. If you are looking for a dog that loves to play ball you should look at Riley or a new dog that we will post soon who is 5 and LOVES playing ball. Elena

  2. Meridith

    He sounds like he would be a great addition. How is he around kids?

  3. Julie Brown

    Chocolate labs are so submissive and sweet. I’ve had 2 black labs and now only 1 chocolate lab left living and she’s 14….. Healthier and sweeter than all 3. Just different. ALL my labs were angels and my babies. When my sweet Cocoa gets her wings Im coming here to find a new baby!

  4. Cheryle Turner

    We are hoping to meet Dooley this weekend. Does he like to ride ? We live 1.5 hours from you. We are also wondering how he did on the walks.

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