Marley – Adopted 2/25/2013

Labrador Friends of the South - Marley Adopted

Happy Gotcha Day Marley! It looks like you will have a blast with your new two legged friends. Read on to know more about Marley’s story.

Meet Marley. Her mom fund herself in financial difficulties and asked us to help find Marley another home.She is a 3 years old Lab/Pyranees mix. She adores people. She is also fine with other dogs although she likes to push other dogs around. She used to live with a smaller dog. We tested her with other dogs and she played well. This said she is a slightly pushy female and we think she would also be happier as an only dog getting all the attention. It looks like she is also good with cats. Marley is medium to high energy and she needs an active family. Marley is a great dog that deserves a new start in life. Help us make her mom happy by finding Marley a wonderful new home where she will get lots of attention and exercise.

Labrador Friends of the South - Availabla Lab Marley 7

7 comments on “Marley – Adopted 2/25/2013”

  1. Sara

    Would like more information on how to adopt or foster this beautiful girl please! I have always loved Labradors and have a male chocolate at home already!

  2. Sue

    I would like a little more info on Marley. Our Labrador passed away this past July after surgery. We rescued her in 2004 and she was our loving girl. She was 2 when we rescued her and had so many good years with her.
    Marley looks much like our beloved girl…..any more pictures and info would be nice. Thank you!

  3. lfselena

    Hi everyone, Marley is surely handsome. She already has an appointment for today. You are welcome to email us at tomorrow (wed 2/14) to check if she was adopted. If she is, don’t despair, we have 7 dogs coming in this week alone. If you are not approved for adoption yet, we recommend doing that now so that next time you see a dog you love you can move quickly and we can set up an appointment to adopt him/her. Email us if you have more questions. We reply to emails very quickly but check the website comments only every few days. Elena

  4. lfselena

    Marley did not get adopted so she is still available for adoption. She is handsome and very affectionate with people. She would be happier as an only dog or with the right dog who does not mind being pushed around a little. She just loves to get all the attention for herself.


  5. ViviAn

    Interested in a family dog -have two young kids

    Where are located if we were to schedule a visit To see marley – we r in Miami

    • lfselena

      Hi we are in Atlanta, GA so we are not that close. If you don’t mind the drive, we do adopt out of state and we have people driving to us from Miami to adopt one of our dogs. We do not ship dogs. If the drive does not scare you go ahead and complete the adoption application that you can find by clicking on the picture that says “adopt”. Our dogs are all over Atlanta in foster homes so first we need you to get approved for adoption and then we either schedule an appointment with a specific dog or you come to one of our adoption days (the only time all the dogs are in the same place). Feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Elena

  6. Melanie Bohannon

    Oh goodness! If she hasn’t been adopted yet, we have fallen in love with Marley! We have been patiently waiting for the right 3-4 year old lab (preferably yellow…blonde, even!) with a temperament that sounds like she will fit in with us! And we are just 30 miles north of Atlanta!! My husband is a football coach and I am a stay at home mom. Our kids are 10, 9, and 5. Two boys, then a girl. I haven’t filled out my application for this rescue, but I would like to speak or email with someone as soon as possible, before someone scoops this girl up, if they haven’t already! Thank you!!!

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