Rowdy – Adopted 3/7/2013

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    • lfselena Reply

      Yes he is still available. He is probably not full blooded. For 99% of our dogs we do not know both parents so we cannot guarantee that they full blooded. To us it looks like Rowdy is mixed with something else, which breed is hard to tell. Terrier?

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  2. Thomas Gonneville Reply

    Just came across Rowdie, He is about a month younger than our other rescue Bella, also a Black Lab mix.., we’re looking for a playmate for Bella as well as wanting to give a “forever” home to another.., from the description of him, Rowdie seems to be a great personality match to Bella..,
    Is Rowdie still available?? Could you send us more information on him?

    Thank you,
    Tom Gonneville, CPT

  3. lfselena Reply

    Tom, yes Rowdie is still available. He such a happy puppy. He would love a playmate about the same age. If you are interested click on the picture on the top right that says “adopt” and complete the application. He is really a good dog. Elena

  4. Terri Wilson Reply

    I have submitted an application. Would love to have him as part of our family. We are a very active family who are excited about finding the right dog for us and he seems perfect.

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