Spring – Adopted 3/30/2013

Labrador Friends Adopted - Spring-1

Happy Gotcha day Spring. You will have fun hiking all over with your new dad. Here is Spring’s story.

Spring is a beautiful chocolate lab.  She is approximately 1-1.5 years of age.  She is very friendly with all people and other dogs.  Spring also does well with small children and babies.  She gets along well with other dogs and takes treats like a lady.  She walked great on the leash and liked riding shotgun.  Spring is hearthworm positive but we need to put some more weight on her before treating her. She will be treated in a week or so and then she will be available to foster or adopt.  She is a great girl. Her coat is sun bleached but once changed I expect her to be all the dark chocolate color of her face. Her golden eyes are amazing.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM:Spring has been a total love-bug (she is napping in my lap as we speak!). When she isn’t napping she loves to chomp on her raw hides and bones and follow her foster sister wherever she goes. She has been great on her leash, learned sit right away and we are working on teaching her shake (this one is taking a tad longer to click) and are working on the jumping (huge improvement!). We take her on short walks (bc of heartworm treatment we are careful of too much exercise) and she is great on the leash and loves her walks! Spring is a beautiful, lovable, smart dog who will make a wonderful forever pet for someone!Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Spring-1
Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Spring-1-2

4 comments on “Spring – Adopted 3/30/2013”

  1. Beverly

    We adopted Harley in February and are so in love with him. We are thinking of getting him a companion and think a smaller female might be a good match. Can you tell me more about Spring?

    • lfselena

      Beverly, Spring is great. She is very active and LOVES to play so she would do better with another dog who loves to play. she will try to get whatever dog she is with to play all the time so she would not do well with a dog that is not ready to play most of the times. She is learning a lot in foster home but she has still a little way to go. She is really sweet but she is a little pushy (in a good way just to get attention) so she would do best with someone who can create a structure for her to learn. She has gone a long way in a few days in foster homes so I suspect she will learn fast. She is really smart and she loves to please so she learns quickly. Foster parents cannot foster anymore starting next week so if you are interested you could foster her to start… Elena

    • lfselena

      Spring has been adopted yesterday. Hopefully things are going well. Elena

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