Alex NC – Adopted 4/7/2013

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Happy Gotcha Day Alex!

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Meet Mr Alex. He is a super dog! He is 4 years old, laid back, happy, sweet. He is 60 pounds of happiness for you. Alex is HW positive but he will get treated this week and he soon will be as good as new. His coat is so dark that they told us he was black at first. He is actually chocolate. Alex is super sweet. He is very laid back and he will be an easy dog. He gets really attached to people and one he loves you he walks right by your side healing. It looks like he is potty trained and most likely he also house broken as he rather be inside than outside. He is has a great easy personality and most of all he is goofy and fun.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Alex is wonderful. He is my shadow and likes to be where I am. He is very laid back and does not ask for much beside love, affection… and food (he is a lab indeed!). He is getting attached to my other dog and loves her company but I think he would be also fine as an only dog as long as he had lots of human company. He was a little nervous the first night but he is now settled in and sleeps on a bed by my bed (his preference would be ON my bed but we are still negotiating that). He loves to carry around toys but he is also very gentle and ready to share. He is the most gentle tug of war player I ever had.  He loves to sleep upside down: Since he love belly rubs I suspect he wants to be ready in case anyone will come by while he is sleeping. He is recovering very well from his treatment and we will soon start going on walks. He rides very well in the car and would be ready to go anywhere with his best friend. He is just a super loving dog, gentle and affectionate. He is very laid back. I can see him as being also a great dog for an older person who wants company but not much work. I cannot say enough good things about this boy. PS I have posted some really cute picture of Alex on our Facebook page. Go check them out.

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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Alex NC foster-1-2

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Alex NC foster-1-4

5 comments on “Alex NC – Adopted 4/7/2013”

  1. Kim MIller

    Do you know if he would get along with indoor cats? He is beautiful and we have another chocolate lab, 5 years old, Molly.

  2. lfselena

    He is in Atlanta GA but we adopt out of state as long as you are willing to drive to us with your family and your dog to pick him up. He is such a good dog. We are desperately looking for a foster home for him to get him out of boarding and learn more about him. I will see if we can get an idea of how he is with cats. Elena

  3. Jeannette Huff

    We have a 15-yr-old black lab who is very docile and gets along with all dogs. We have two other dogs in our extended family right now and they all get along. Would this be a problem for Alex? I would love to foster but not sure about the requirements. We are very active “Seniors”, but don’t want to take on a puppy at this stage in our lives!

    • lfselena

      That would be perfect for Alex! He is a good boy, a little needy but easy going. He craves people attention and structure and he loves other dogs’ company while at the same time not be the playing all the time dog. He is really a sweet boy looking for some attention. Fostering does not require more than a little patient to give the dog time to get adjusted and a little flexibility when we work with you to schedule an appointment. Everything else is like owning your own dog. If you are interested email us at to ask more questions or submit a foster application. Alex would be the ideal companion for older dogs. Elena

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