Bonnie Belle – Adopted 4/8/2013

Labrador Friends of the South - Bonnie adopted

Welcome Bonnie Belle, Tippy Tulip’s sister. These two sisters are very cute and very luck a good samarithan decided to stop for them. Let’s make sure they get the perfect home for a new start on life! The puppies are currently around 8 weeks old. FROM FOSTER MOM: On Sunday, February 24, I was driving from the farm to my house 15 miles away. There are some dumpsters where the dirt road meets the pavement. As I approached the dumpsters I saw a motionless puppy in the middle of the paved road. I pulled over, and got out of my car. I then saw more puppies running away and under an old abandoned shack across the paved road. I wrapped the lifeless puppy in a towel and put him in my car. I found no pulse. I drove to the house of the man who owns the land where the puppies were hiding out. He told me that someone had dumped the puppies there a day or two before. He gave me permission to rescue them from his property. I named the deceased puppy Eagle Scout, and gave him a proper burial.  We I rescued four puppies from the shack. 3 black, 1 yellow Lab, pure or mixed. 1 male, 3 females. One male was adopted, Coal Minor, and the yellow female, Lily Magnolia, as well. I took custody of Bonnie Belle and Tippy Tulip, and surrendered ownership to LFS. The rest is “herstory.”

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: My original personality description was accurate. Bonnie is a thoughtful dog, especially for her age. She always assesses a situation from a distance, and then joins in as she deems appropriate. She is not fearful or shy. Analytical would be the best word. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dog who was this intelligent in an almost human-like way. She is a very quick study, and requires minimal instruction. She is self-disciplined, and would do well in a household that is quiet, calm, gentle, refined, ordered, and intellectual. She needs a home where her intelligence and sensibilities are recognized, appreciated and valued. She is an elegant and svelte looking dog; you can tell that she is female just by her looks. She is a remarkable dog.

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  1. Judd Lusk

    My wife and I would like to meet Bonnie Belle. We lost our yellow lab, Jake, last October and are ready for a new friend. We are retired and live in South Carolina on Lake Keowee (Keowee Key). We are on the water and have a boat that a lab would thoroughly enjoy. Please tell us where and when we could visit.


    Judd Lusk

    • lfselena

      Judd, the place to start is click the adopt picture and submit and adoption application. Once you are approved for adoption we can set up an appointment with Bonnie foster mom. Please note that Bonnie was adopted yesterday but her sister Tippy is still available, Elena

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