Leo – Adopted 6/15/2013

Labrador Friends Adopted - Leo

Happy Gotcha Day Leo. Labrador Friends of the South Foster Walk 11-10-12--149 Meet Leo, 85 pounds of love. He was adopted from us back in December but he is now arguing with the other male dog in the home for the post of command so his new family has decided that it would be better to re-home to a home where he could be at the top of pack.  Leo biggest joy is being around his human companions.  We like to call him static cling because he won’t let you leave the room without being at your side. Leo responds extremely well to commands.  He comes, sits, waits until command to eat, shakes, and goes into cage on command.  He does extremely well on the leash and we are working on him not wanting to pounce on squirrels. Leo is a perfect companion.  He loves other dogs, but he is dominant and would do better in a home where he is number 1. One of Leo’s favorite things is going in the car with you…you just have to be careful because he likes to get on the drivers seat :-). His other favorite thing is swimming, swimming pool or lake doesn’t matter, he is true lab.  Lastly he loves stuffed toys, but things if is his duty to demolish. Leo is a great dog looking for the perfect home.

UPDATE: Leo is currently boarding with a professional trainer. Saying that he LOVES it is an understatement. Leo is the happiest when he is working. Within a couple of weeks  he is already working at a distance. Leo ideal home would one with someone who likes to work with the dogs and who can keep him busy. Leo is perfect with other dogs when he is working. It is when he is bored that he gets in trouble just to keep himself busy.  He is handsome and very smart. He will make the right person very very happy.

Labrador Friends Available Lab - Leo

He loves to fetch:

Labrador Friends Available Lab - Leo 2


9 comments on “Leo – Adopted 6/15/2013”

  1. Anne Walsh

    Do you have any other history on Leo? Will he be at adoption day this weekend? He is beautiful.

  2. john

    Is leo still available? We recently lost our beloved Lab Guinness after 11 years to cancer, we miss him tremendously, but our 5 year old shepherd has been in a funk for months. We were hoping to find another Lab a little older to mesh with our Shepherd. Guinness was also a gentle giant of 100 lbs, (all muscle) and he to had to be by our side at all times. Thank you for your response. John Daugherty

  3. Jay

    Is Leo still available? If so, when is the next adoption opportunity?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. James Childs

    I’m interested in adoption and Leo may be a good match for me as a single one (1) pet owner. What is his current age?

  5. lfselena

    Sorry everyone. The best way to send questions for a quick reply is to email Erin at labfriendinfo@gmail.com. Leo is still available.He is currently in boarding. He is around 2-3 years old. He is big, handsome and he knows it. He would be PERFECT as a single dog owner. He is very good with people and kids. He is also good with dogs but he is big and some male dogs may be intimidated by him. At home he is fine with other dogs at first but then he will start pushing other dogs away to get all the attention. So we really think he will be happy as an only dog getting all the human attention. Elena

  6. Ellen Martin

    I have a Golden Lab he is 11 we got him when he was a puppy, He weights 67 lbs. He is happy and healthy. He sleeps more than he use to. I just move into an apt and he cant come , I live on a small income and this apt is all I can afford. Tank is my best friend and this is killing me. Please help me find him a home I don’t want to put him to sleep. Thank You, 770-369-5241

  7. Kristin Shortal

    I ADOPTED LEO!!!!!!! He’s such a sweetie and LOVES me! Thank you Lab Friends for bringing me and my buddy together! I will always remember you!

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