Bodie – Adopted 8/2/2013

Labrador Friends Adopted - Bodie

Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Bodie. Your new parents love you so much and you are so happy there, we happily lose a foster home for you. Good luck!

Mr. Bodie has been a loving part of our family for the last six years. He is a handsome 6 ½ year old lab mix and has quite a loving personality. In that time since we’ve adopted him, we’ve learned that he really enjoys getting attention from people – ear scratches and belly rubs are two of his favorites. He LOVES going for long walks, the game of fetch and exploring the yard. When he’s done exercising, his favorite thing is to lie in the warm sun and take a nice long nap. He’s passed a 12-week obedience training program and knows heel, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, drop and even does some doggy pushups for a special treat. (repeating sit, down, sit, down). He’s fully crate trained and does quite well in there during the day while we are at work. He’s potty trained and does not have any accidents in the house.  Bodie is such a special dog that we would definitely consider a reduced adoption fee to the right home.

[box type=”alert”]While he has a great amount of endearing qualities, Mr. Bodie needs to be in a very specific type of home. Recently he became aggressive toward our 1-year old son while waiting for his food and he ended up biting our son.  Up until our son started toddling all over the place we did not have any issues with Bodie as we knew his tendencies which meant giving him space while he is eating and respecting his comfort zone. Because of his resource guarding instincts, he is also not good with other dogs. He is able to be around them on a leash, just not in close proximity. He will not show unprovoked aggression but if his space is invaded he will show warnings signs and then escalate his aggression. Mr. Bodie’s ideal home will be one where he is an only furry child, where there are no young children and where the owner is able to recognize and address any resource guarding tendencies prior to it escalating.[/box]

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]Due to his special qualities, we are offering to pay for either a board/train bootcamp or in-home training for Bodie and his new adoptive family. This will help to ease the transition and give a positive start for both owner and dog. We are confident he can be a loving pet for a family as he was for us over the last six years. We are heartbroken at losing him but know this is the right decision for both of us and we have high hopes that we will find Mr. Bodie a loving home.[/box]

Its a Lab Thing Labrador Friends of the South Adoption Event 22913 -81

Its a Lab Thing Labrador Friends of the South Adoption Event 22913 -86


Until we do we will continue to keep him in our home, keep up with enforcing his training and get him ready for his next family. Please won’t you adopt Mr. Bodie?!


12 comments on “Bodie – Adopted 8/2/2013”

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  2. Jane

    How does Bodie do on walks? Is he familiar with a chuck it? We have a extra large fenced yard with a pool. Is he a water lover?

    • lfselena

      He is very good on walks. I will need to ask foster mom about water. He is such a sweet boy.

  3. Don

    We live half time in Atlanta and half time near a beach where dogs run free. We just lost our Yellow who spent a lot of time in the water and running with other dogs. Do you think Bodie could handle that environment? Thanks.

    • lfselena

      That sounds like a great set up. He will love this environment as long as you do not have small kids. Meeting kids at the beach will be fine, just feeding times he needs to be left alone. Bodie is truly an awesome dog! Elena

  4. Mary Ann Martin

    If I didn’t already have Hootie, I would love to have Bodie. I hope someone will give him the forever home he SO deserves!

  5. Pat Yovich

    We are looking for a sweet yellow lab, approx. 1-2-3 yrs. old….We lost our last yellow lab lasst Sept. 2012, 102 lbs. 11 years young. It was so sad…. We are now ready to adopt another great furry friend that we can give all our love to for the next ? years! Must me good with kids (our neighborhood has the sweetest kids who loved to come and see Wilson (our Yellow) and give him treats) and good with other dogs…we all like to talk alot with our dogs….We live in Pooler, GA (Savannah area) and would appreciate any help in finding OUR perfect one… Pat and Alan

  6. Lisa

    Is Bodie cat aggressive? And if not, is he still available?

    • lfselena

      He is available. He may be fine with a cat as long as the cat knows not to invade Bodie’s personal space.

  7. LeishaPYozzo

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