Murphy – Adopted 8/6/2013

Labrador Friends Adopted - Murphy

Happy Gotcha Day Murphy. You have a great new family of LFS volunteers. You are a lucky dog! MURPHY”S STORY: This is Murphy!  He is about 18 months old and is the sweetest dog you will ever meet (he always has a smile on his face). He is wonderful with small kids – his only fault may be too many kisses.  He was a star “student” at his beginners training class (he responds very well to sit, stay, here, drop, and down). He will retrieve every object you can throw, and you will know when he is tired, as he will go to the water bowl and relax (which is probably about 10 throws after you were ready to stop). He does very well with other dogs and is always looking to play. He is crate trained, really enjoys roaming around the fenced-in back yard, and he is already neutered and has a microchip. He is looking for an owner who wants a very loyal dog who loves to play.Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Murphy 3

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Murphy 1