Tackle – Adopted 8/7/2013

Labrador Friends Adopted - Tackle

Happy Gotcha Day Mr Tackle. I will surely miss you! TACKLE” STORY: Meet Tackle. This sweet boy will steal your heart. He is around 12-14 weeks old and he is already 21 pounds… yes, this dog is for someone who loves large dogs. As you can see in the pictures, his paws are huge! Tackle is really sweet and bonds with humans very easily. Once he bonded with you, he will not leave your side no matter what you are doing, even cutting the grass in circles. He also gets along well with dogs and learns quickly from copying his foster four legged sister. Don’t let these sweet eyes trick you though, he can also be pushy. He would strive with a owner who has some dog experience (simply due to his future size) and  that can be loving and strict at the same time.

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Tackle4 (1 of 1)

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Tackle2 (1 of 1)-8

He loves dog beds…

Tackel Collage 5

A fun afternoon in the backyard with Tackle

5 comments on “Tackle – Adopted 8/7/2013”

  1. melodie

    your organization is such a blessing. what great work. tackle is a baby doll!!!!

  2. corey

    I am interested in adopting tackle. I need to get some more info on how the process works.

    • lfselena

      Just click on the picture that says adopt and submit an adoption application. Once you are approved we can make an appointment for you to adopt one of our dogs. Email Erin at labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you have questions, Elena

    • lfselena

      If you are approved for adoption from us just email Erin at labfriendinfo@gmail.com to request an appointment. If you are not approved yet just click on the picture that says “adopt” and submit an adoption application. Elena

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