Springer – Adopted 8/25/2013

Labrador Friends Adopted - Springer

Happy Gotcha Day Springer!

Meet Springer. He and his brothers Taylor were found on the side of the road wondering.  Springer is 1 and half. He is in a foster home and he is doing great. All the dogs in this litter are very affectionate. They are also followers and need another dog in the house to follow and snuggle with. Spring is very goofy and fun. He LOVES to play with other dogs.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Springer is doing great.  He and his foster brother, Pumpkin, are best buds and he gets along great with foster sisters. We went on our first trip to McDonald’s for Sunday morning biscuit and he loved it. He is getting used to riding in car.  He is taking nap right next to me now. He is quite the little snuggler and loves hugs and gives lots of kisses. He fully housebroken: when foster mom is at work he spends his day playing with access to the yard through a doggie door. Springer is good with kids too.

UPDATE JULY 2013: Springer continues to be the most adorable pup and so maintenance free.  He absolutely loves all three of my dogs and has them playing all the time with him.  He knows to sit and shake for treats and sits very well.  He also knows several other commands, such as OFF, DOWN, however he will argue with you when you try to tell him NO.  He has this sound kinda like a light growel that he does and it reminds me of a teenager arguing with parent.  I have not crated him and haven’t had a problem with him except when he decided to open every water bottle in a 48 bottle case and spill water everywhere.  Fortunately I have tile in every room of the house so it really didn’t matter, except for the 2 empty bottles in the middle of my bed took several days to dry out.Springer aka Puppy is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve fostered and he loves his hugs and comes to me frequently for a big hug while I working on the computer.  If I had a bigger yard and bigger bed we would consider keeping him.  If you are wanting  perfect young dog, he is the one for you.

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8 comments on “Springer – Adopted 8/25/2013”

  1. Willex fan

    Hi, I like to take a look at springer and possibly adopt him.

    • lfselena

      Before we can make an appointment for you to meet Springer we need you to get approved for adoption. Alternatively you can come to our adoption days. The next one will be June 9th in Alpharetta. Please note that unless you are approved for adoption you will not able to adopt at our adoption days but everyone is welcome to come meet our dogs then. Only to set up appointments in between adoption days you need to be approved for adoption.

  2. Mary

    Will you consider a home for Springer where he will be the only dog?

    • lfselena

      Possibly. He is doing very well and he may be fine in a home as an only dog, depending on the situation.

  3. Harry

    Hi I am intrested in adopting Springer, but I need to foster him first. At my home with my other dog named Kissess I’ll call you tomorrow.

    • lfselena

      Springer is already in a foster home. We do not like to move dogs around too much so he is not available for fostering. He is, however, available for adoption. You will see very quickly if he will fit well in your house with your dog.

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