Rocco – Adopted 10/26/2013

Labrador Friends of the South Adopted - Rocco

The perfect match. Good luck in your new life Mr Rocco.

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Rocco 1

Rocco is a nine week old playful lab mix pup. He will stay small and is very playful and wiggly. He has adapted very well to his new foster family and is described to be very observant interesting in everything that is going on. He plays nice with other dogs and children loving the attention of her foster sister and human sister.

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Rocco 3How cute is Rocco? Here you can see how fun and adorable he is.

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  1. Robert Kupkowski


    I may be asking a bit much here but I used to have 3 fully grown Labradors in my house and two of them died recently. My male, Buddy, who used to be with me on patrol in Dekalb county as a K9 Narcotics detection dog, died on Mother’s day 3 years ago. His little “girlfriend” , Nikki was purchased after Buddy turned 18 mos. to give Buddy a playmate and a way to burn up alot of his stored energy. I found Nikki lying dead in my Mother’s living room on the same day (Mother’s Day) 2 years later. I was absolutely heartbroken and still have a hard time getting over it.
    What I am looking for is an AKC registered 2-8 month old male or preferably female within 100 miles of Royston, GA (30662). I need to be able to check the little guy/girl with my vet here at Royston Animal. Royston Animal hospital is a very distinctive and well deserved fantastic veteranary animal care facilitary in north GA. I would be glad to do most of the traveling to get the right puppy where ever he needs to go. The puppy will be living with Buddy’s son, Baxter. Baxter is one of the most well behaved and does a fine job of showing his manners in public. He has one more class before obtaining his Canine Good Citizen classification. The next puppy I have will acchieve the same classification.

    BTW: I have a semen sample stored from Buddy that has been stored for about 11 years but have a hard time finding a kennel that will take semen from an unknown donor

    Please send me a response whenever you could. I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Thank You for your time and consideration.

    Robert Kupkowski

    • lfselena

      Robert, we almost never have AKC registered dogs sorry. Most of our dogs look like labs, some like pure labs, but none of our dogs are AKC registered. 99% of the times we do not know their parents. Please also note that we only approved to family with neutered/spayed pets.


  2. kiki

    Hooray for Rocco. Just seen he has been adopted. So pleased. Great work LFS

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