Charley – Adopted 12/14/2013

Labrador Friends Adopted - Charlie

Happy New Beginning Sweet CharlieLabrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Charley 1

Meet Charley! He is a 1 year old black male lab found as a stray in AL. He was starving but was rescuer and nursed back to health once.
Update from Loretta:
 His coat is a beautiful black with no white whatsoever and small in size around 50 lbs. he gets along great with my dogs but Pumpkin did ask how long is he going to be here? He’s very playful and right now he’s chasing a lizard in my woodpile which means wood is scattered over patio. He will come to me often for a hug and some loving and then jumps and runs back outside for more playing
Update 10-22-13: I had a great time with Charley(ie) today. He rode well in the car and is just such a sweet, happy boy.  When we got to the park he was very excited and initially barked at other dogs he saw as he hopped out of the car but when I gave him a slight tug on the leash and told him ‘no sir’, he stopped.  There were dogs there that were off-leash who approached him and while he was excited, he showed no aggression at all.  He responds very well to gentle corrections and positive reinforcement.  He was definitely a little prey driven (there were squirrels, chipmunks & birds everywhere).  But if I saw him fixating on them, again, a gentle correction (leave it/no sir and a slight tug) was all he needed.  When he responded to me I just told him what a good boy he was!  I had him in an Easy Walk harness and he did pretty well walking.  He does pull a bit, but not too bad for a guy with no training.  I think anyone willing to love on him and spend a little time training him will have a super sweet, fabulous dog!
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Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Charley 2
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