Wendy – Adopted 12/29/2013

Labrador Friends of the South Adopted - Wendy

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Wendy.Labrador Friends Availabla Lab Wendy 13

Meet Wendy our adorable small lab. She is only 47 pounds and very very cute. She is 1 and 1/2 and right now she is a little unsure and scared but she will come out of her shell in a few days or weeks. She is looking for a loving home. She is fine with other dogs but right now she is a little too unsure to appreciate a dog that get right up her face. Open your home to this sweet lab and you will not regret it.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Wendy is doing incredibly well. She is coming out of her shell and she is just so much fun. She is housebroken too. She is lovely.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM 09/21/2013: Wendy is coming along in leaps and bounds.  We have been to pet stores and she lets people come up to her and pet her. We have daily walks around the neighborhood and at the park where she has adapted well to being on the leash.  She now easily meets new people or dogs. She has started to go up to new dogs on her own with her tail wagging.  Wendy comes when called and she walks into her crate when asked.  I no longer have to lift her into the truck but she just jumps in on her own.  She loves playing with her foster brother and snuggling with Mom on the couch. Wendy has shown so many accomplishments in three short weeks!

Labrador Friends Availabla Lab Wendy 17

Labrador Friends Availabla Lab Wendy 10