Dopey Puppy – Adopted 02/08/2014

Happy Gotcha Day Dopey!

Labrador Friends of the South - Adopted Dog Doopey

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Dopey 4 Collage

Meet Dopey, one of our handsome male New Years Pups!

These puppies where found by animal control at about two weeks without their mom. We could not let them be out alone in the cold so we took them in and one of our wonderful volunteers offered to bottle feed them. Unfortunately mom was never found despite us looking for her but the puppies are doing great. They are now 5 weeks old and eating on their own. They all have very different personalities and they all look a little different. There are 4 boys and 3 girls. The puppies will be available for adoption in a few weeks. In the meantime we are taking applications for the puppies and approved families will get to pick in order of the waiting list. We will try to make everyone happy but we cannot guarantee you will get the puppy you want at this moment.

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  1. Andrea

    Is dopey still available ? How is he doing? How would I go about getting info if I am from out of state?

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