Michael – Adopted 08/16/2014

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  1. kathy madonia

    dear sirs. I am writing to ask about Michael. I saw him on your website and I love him my husband and I are looking for a dog and love a Labrador. I had a lab for 16 years and a border collie also for 16 years and wire haired terrior I live in Tucson az and I know that your angency Is in the south. if it would be possible to adopt Michael could please let me know. my home phone number is 520-638-8777 thank you Kathy madonia

    • lfselena

      Kathy, unfortunately we do not ship dogs so you may be a little too far from us to drive here to pick up Michael.

      • rob samelson

        how far from your hq do you adopt, ie, what are your distance requirements for adoption?

        • lfselena

          Rob, we go as far as you are willing to drive: we do not ship dogs but as long as you are willing to drive to pick up the dog we do not mind wherever you are. Some people drove two days to adopt on of our puppies… Elena

  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi Rob!
    We require that any family wanting to adopt, be willing to drive to the Atlanta area to meet the dog. We have to make sure it is a good fit for all.
    Thanks so much for your interest,

  3. Robin

    I sent in the application and I would love to ask someone a few questions about Rafe or Michael. Did I see on a post that there is an adoption day Aug 16th? If not, can we try and meet a few dogs if they are still available?

    • lfselena

      Robin, I believe we are still processing your application. We should be able to process it this week and you can plan on coming to adoption to meet all the dogs. We can also make appointments but usually you can only see one dog at appointment so adoption days is the best way to meet multiple dogs at once. Elena

  4. Robin

    Thank you Elena. Where is the adoption day and what time is it? Can you tell me if these two boys have ever been around cats? We have one, and I wanted to get info before we came. Good with kids? Is there a way to ask a few questions before we plan to come?

  5. Robin

    Just curious, should we set up appointments to meet the two dogs on our application? If we wait for adoption day how do we know they won’t be adopted during the week? Thank you!

    • lfselena

      Robin it is up to you. Nothing assures that a dog will not get adopted before the adoption days as we do set appointments in between adoptions. What we usually say is that, if you know you want to meet one dog specifically and you think that he would most likely be a good fit for your family (we can talk by email to try see if it would be), then you can set an appointment. If you are not so sure who you like and you want to meet more than one dog, then the best is to come to adoption days. We really can only make one appointment per person per dog as it is so hard already to coordinate everyone. So unless you want to meet one dog in particular we suggest you come to adoption. You need to be approved to set up an appointment. Feel free to email us at labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you have more questions.

      • Jeff

        Please contact me regarding setting up an appointment to meet Michael.
        I am approved for adoption.
        Thanks so much!

  6. Becky

    We have an approved application & wondering if Michael is still available

  7. Christie-LFS

    Becky, I believe he had an adoption appointment this morning, but check back later this evening.
    Thanks, Christie

  8. Larry McGee

    Please read my comments under Ralph. Thanks for adopting my sweet Michael. He loves intensely. He’s just wonderful. When riding in the car, Michael would put his front legs on the console, lean his head on my shoulder and give me frequent wet kisses.

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