Teddy – Patriot Puppy – Adopted 10/30/2014

LFS_AdoptedDog2014_TeddyHappy Gotcha Day Teddy!



Meet TEDDY. Teddy is 9 weeks old puppy and super sweet.

Foster Update: Teddy is one of the calmest puppies I ever saw.  He will actually sit under my desk and hangout while I am working.  He falls asleep in your arms with his head resting on your chest.  We have started potty training and he is definitely on his way.  He has learned not to eat his brothers’ food or chew on their tails.  He loves being outside and plays in the grass and with his toys.  He goes in his crate at night and last night, he woke up one time, I took him out and then he went back to sleep in his crate when I covered it with a blanket.  He is a gem.




2 comments on “Teddy – Patriot Puppy – Adopted 10/30/2014”

  1. Michelle Benson

    We would love to offer Teddy a new home! Calm is good as we have a 4yr old yellow lab, Madison, who is super calm and snuggly! And would love a playmate. We call Madison the Wal-Mart greeter when we take her to the dog park, as she loves to stand at the gate and greet all who come or go!

  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi Michelle,
    Teddy does now have an adoption appointment set up for today, but please keep watching as we have great puppies coming in all the time. 🙂

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