Samantha – Adopted 11/09/2014


Happy Gotcha Day Samantha!

Meet SAMANTHA! Samantha is 9 months old, she Dulce’s daughter, and she is as sweet as her mom. She is an easy going lab who loves belly rubs. She even knows sit already. Stay posted for an update from foster mom.

Foster Update:  Samantha is adjusting very well to her foster family and home.  She is doing great on a leash, is almost house-trained and just learned how to catch treats!  Samantha plays well by herself, but she prefers to play with her foster sisters or foster mom and dad.   She is one of the sweetest and most loving dogs; she deserves a great family to share all of her love with.  

Foster Update: Samantha enjoys playing with her foster sisters, snuggling with anyone who will let her,  snack time and did I mention snuggling?  She is learning to walk on the leash, go potty outside and not to jump up and how to sit.  She enjoys her kennel and sleep through-out the night in it!  She is looking for a loving family, who loves to snuggle and play.  She gets along well with all kids, two-legged or four.  







8 comments on “Samantha – Adopted 11/09/2014”

  1. Christie-lfs

    Haley, yes she is! Please fill out our adoption application if you haven ‘t already.
    She is so sweet and just gorgeous!!

  2. Georgia

    Samantha is a great puppy- she is learning a lot from her foster sisters. She loves to snuggle and play. She is getting into the routine of using the restroom outside, going for walks, and sleeping in her kennel. She would enjoy being in a home with other two legged or four legged kids. ~ her foster mom

  3. Christie-Lfs

    Mary, let me see if she has been around them.
    Thanks for your interest,

    • Mary

      Thank you pls let me know. I have Dexter a 10 month old lab rescue who would love a sister….does your organization allow for meet and greets to see if they get along?

  4. Christie-LFS

    Mary, we do set up private adoption appointments for approved adopters if they are very serious about one specific dog. We have the entire family (including dogs) come to those.
    Samantha has not been around cats so we would probably need to test her with yours.
    Please fill out our adoption application if you haven’t already and thank you so much for your interest. 🙂

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