Ruby – Adopted 11/15/2014

LFS_AdoptedDog2014_RubyHappy Gotcha Day Ruby!


LFS_AvailableDog2014_Ruby2Meet RUBY! Ruby is about 3 years old. She is fully house trained, does not need to be crated, and knows many commands. She eagerly greets her foster parents when they come home and likes to be around them.  Ruby is doing great.  She is a very sweet and sensitive dog who bonds easily and strongly with her housemates.  It takes her awhile to get used to a stranger dog on a leash, but she eventually warms up and is fine. Ruby ideal house is a home with relaxed parents and a happy four legged companion to give her confidence. She likes her routine and we do not think she would do well in a home with lots of active small kids coming and going.  She is a very easy girl, one of our best fosters.  She likes to be active with Luther (her foster brother), but then settles down quite nicely.  Perfectly house trained and doesn’t need a crate.  If left alone without a friend she likes to pull blankets and pillows off the bed or couch, but she doesn’t  destroy them.  Her personality is slowly coming through. Ruby is a very special girl with a BIG heart ready to receive and give lots of love to the right family.


Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Ruby 3

16 comments on “Ruby – Adopted 11/15/2014”

  1. Christie-LFS Reply

    Lynda, she is tall but skinny. She is probably around 50 pounds.
    Check our Facebook page for more pics of her to come in the next few days.

  2. LYNDA Reply

    im looking for a potentially ( ~ 70 large yellow lab with dark nose. my grandson and i really miss dutchy our 12yo lab that died 3 weeks ago. i have had 7registered labs in the past 18 years . i have a 12yo scrappy lab mix at home that survived all my labs. i found him in the street 12 years ago homeless and uncared for and he is the remaining dog. he misses his buddies as jack and i do. my grandson wants a lab that looks like dutch as i do and her face his so many looks of him. i know you are the foster mom and there is a strong possibility that she would work out for all of us.

  3. Christie-LFS Reply

    Hi Lynda,
    Have you filled out our adoption application?
    You can submit that online. Once you are approved, we can set up an appointment for you.
    Thanks so much for your interest.

  4. Christie-LFS Reply

    Sandy, she is in a foster home in Atlanta, GA.
    Let us know if you have questions. 🙂

  5. Annette Butty Reply

    I am interested in Camilla.
    How can I meet her.
    When and where is your next adoption day?

  6. Christie-LFS Reply

    Hi Annette!
    Our next event is 10/18 at 9am at the Gwinnett Environmental Heritage Center.
    2020 Clean Water Drive, Buford 30519
    Please fill out our adoption application if you haven’t already.
    All adopters must have been approved to adopt that day.
    Both of these dogs are wonderful!!
    Thanks so very much,

  7. Diana Donald Reply

    Has Ruby been adopted? We are very interested in meeting her if she still needs a home.
    Thank you

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