Jewel – Adopted 12/06/2014

LFS_AdoptedDog_2014JewelHappy Gotcha Day Jewel!Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Jewel (1 of 1)-2

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Jewel (1 of 1)

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Jewel (1 of 1)-3

LFS_AvailableDog2014_JewelMeet JEWEL. She’s a big girl – 76 pounds. She’s sweet & apparently good with other dogs.  She is heart worm positive and will be treated in the coming weeks. If you would like to donate to her care, check out

FOSTER UPDATE: Jewel does not need to be crated while her humans have to leave to go to work! She lays on her bed in the living room, chews her bone, and watches
TV until someone comes during lunch to let her go out. The only thing she bothers are shoes, so make sure they are in the closet!Jewel worked off leash today in the yard with her favorite toy…her Penn tennis ball. This girl has had the same Penn ball for 2 1/2 months. Jewel got her name, because we felt she was a diamond in the rough, when she became an owner surrender. She is fast becoming a brilliant gem, just like Hootie (LFS alumni), her foster brother!!!

FOSTER UPDATE: Jewel is making great strides as a house dog! She sleeps beside the bed at night on the rug. When you are watching TV, she lays on the floor beside your chair. She loves being with her human ALL the time! She will make every step with you. She loves her bone, baby doll, and tennis ball. She also LOVES to ride in the car. She got treats at the Duncan Donuts drive-in window.

FOSTER UPDATE: We’re beginning to see Jewel’s true personality now. She is very sweet & LOVES to chase a ball. She would do best with an active family who can enjoy her spirit & energy. Although she’s 4 years old, she is still an athletic dog & having to stay quiet after her heartworm treatment is no fun. And since being pulled from the shelter in the nick of time, she’s been moved to several different strange places, so she’s understandably anxious to find a more permanent one. Jewel is eager to please & needs an owner who is willing to show her what is expected; she was apparently pretty much on her own in her previous situation. Jewel will make a great dog for an owner willing to give her a chance to settle in & make her realize she is home. And she’s a beauty too!




14 comments on “Jewel – Adopted 12/06/2014”

  1. Terri Campbell

    Has jewel been treated for heartworms yet?

  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi Terri!
    The treatment and then rest they need usually take a few weeks.
    She is still in the process of getting better.

    • Terri Campbell

      Did you receive my adoption application?

      • lfselena

        Terri, we did not receive your application. Did you get a confirmation email? If not, can you please do it again? Make sure you go all the way and click submit application. It works better if you do it from a computer rather than a phone if you can. Please email me at if you have problems and I can help you, Elena

        • terri campbell

          I submitted it again- have you received it yet?

  3. Christie-LFS

    Terri, we still didn’t get it. If you want to email me your phone number, I can try to help you with it.
    Thank you so much, Christie

  4. Mary Ann Martin

    Jewel will be at Ella’s Run for Adoption Day on Saturday morning, Oct. 18th!

  5. Christie-LFS

    Jewel is doing wonderfully and is available for adoption!
    Thank you,

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