Hamish – Adopted 12/07/2014

LFS_AdoptedDog2014HanishHappy Gotcha Day Hamish!


Meet HAMISH! Hamish is a 5 year old boy who found himself homeless as a result of a tragic murder/suicide. He’s probably feeling a little confused about why everything in his life has changed so dramatically, but he is a very sweet and playful boy.

FOSTER UPDATE: Handsome Hamish is adjusting well to his foster home. His foster mom thinks he would sit in someone’s lap all day long if he could! He absolutely loves people! He is still a bit scared by sudden noises and movements, but he seems to get more and more comfortable each day. It seemed as if playing with toys, bones, and other dogs was all new to him, but he is quickly learning how to do it all! This boy has been through so much, so we are hoping for a forever family that will shower him with love and give him the time he needs to trust.

Foster Update: Hamish has been with us for almost a week and has settled in. He came from a tragic situation, so he was understandably very nervous the first few days. We have learned that he just soaks up any attention he gets and gives cuddles right back. He loves to run circles around the yard and is learning how to play with toys and bones. He sleeps beside our bed at night and has been fantastic with all of our kids. It is wonderful to watch him become more and more comfortable each day.



7 comments on “Hamish – Adopted 12/07/2014”

  1. Erica Barron

    We are very interested in Mr. Hamish. We have done application and fee, and would like more info on him.

  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi Erica!
    Hamish is a very sweet boy!! He lovessss to snuggle! He has quickly learned how to be a lap Lab!! 🙂
    He was quite nervous in his foster home the first few days, but has totally settled in now.
    He does sit for treats and for his meals. He had a few accidents when he first got to his foster home, but hasn’t now for days. He is also an excellent car rider. If you have any specific questions, just lmk. 🙂
    Thank you so much for your interest in adopting!!

  3. Erica

    Thank you, Chrisite! I was especially wanting to know how he is with children. From your pictures, it looks obvious… He loves the attention! I’m sure his nerves, new environment, new food have all played in him having accidents. Hearing that he is great in a car, is wonderful. His disposition with kids, is our biggest “concern”, becuase we have 3 that will smother him with love.


  4. Christie-LFS

    Erica, I am actually his foster 🙂 and can tell you that he is amazing with kids!!! I have three 10 year olds. He seems to just love people in general.
    He just loves to be pet, hugged, and snuggled.

    • Erica

      Thank you, Christie! He would be made a lap dog in house. Our application is in, and we would love to meet him. He is looks like he is good with other dogs.

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