Voo – Adopted 12/14/2014

Labrador Friends of the South _ Adopted Lab VooMeet VOO! Voo is Callie’s brother and like Callie, he had been at a shelter for 1 1/2 years. Voo is 4 years old and obviously very handsome. He is very chill, and a bit timid and shy – which is understandable given the circumstances he’s coming from – but we’re hoping to put a smile on his face very soon!

Foster Update: Voo settled down after playing with his foster sisters. He is beautiful!  And very polite.  He seems so happy to be in a house and who can blame him after so long in a shelter?! He is very nice on a leash and loves to play with my other dogs.  He’s not shy at all now but is easygoing and fun.  This one is a gem!





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  1. Belinda Burnett

    We met Voo at adoptions today but didn’t have our daughter so unable to adopt. Would like to set up a meeting with our family and the foster. Please can someone contact me. Belinda Burnett. 678 522 1317

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