Callie – Adopted 12/29/2014

LFS_AdoptedDog2014_CallieHappy Gotcha Day Callie!


Meet CALLIE! Callie is a 4 year old female that just joined the LFS family after almost 18 months in a shelter in AL. She is a sweet, submissive girl who is very laid back and very happy to be out of the shelter! Callie knows how to sit and takes treats very gently.


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    • lfselena

      Callie is about 55 pounds. She is very easy going and for what we have seen she has a good temperament and medium to low energy level. Elena

  1. Amanda DeSimone

    Do you think Callie would be happy around a loud and energetic three year old or would she feel afraid? Also, is she house-broken?
    We’ve been looking for the right fit for several months!

    Thank you,

  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi…here is some great info from Callie’s foster. She may not be good with cats if she goes after squirrels, but we could try to test her.

    Callie is a very sweet, shy and sometimes timid girl. She is very comfortable now around our 4 people and 1 other dog. Loud noises can make her scamper away, and even walking down the street where big, loud trucks come by can startle her.

    We have been walking her 3 times a week, and she does very well on the leash. She has eyed and jumped at one or two squirrels, but never pulls hard on the leash. She spends most of her days asleep (I suspect she is loving the soft pillows over her time in captivity.) In that way she is not needy, so would be fine with someone who had to leave her home by herself during the day. We’ve seen no evidence of separation anxiety. We have not had her off leash, but she comes to the back door instantly when called.

    Callie would do fine in a home with another dog and probably ok with children (we have two teenagers). As I mentioned she is active enough to go on 3 mile walks, but is not so energetic that she needs to walk every day. She would do well with anyone looking for a companion, who might not always be able to do a daily walk or run.

  3. Amanda DeSimone

    Thanks so much for all the information on Callie. So, maybe a little kid in the house would make her feel on edge? That is my only concern. My son is a loud child. If there was a way we all could know she would be okay with my son’s toddler excitement I would adopt her in a heartbeat! We are already pre-approved to adopt. We have no pets and are just waiting to find the right match. I hope she finds her perfect fur-ever home very soon!


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