Gouda – Adopted 01/29/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_GoudaHappy Gotcha Day Gouda!LFS_AvailableDog2015_GoudaMEET GOUDA!! She is about 9 weeks old and came to us from a shelter in Alabama. She is so cute. If you’re interested in adopting, please fill out an app today!

The ‘Say Cheese’ puppies all came down with parvo a few days after arriving to us. They are currently in the best possible hands and they are all fighting hard. We need help paying the bills and sending all the good energy we can to them.  Please include them in your prayers and thoughts and/or make a donation using the button below.

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7 comments on “Gouda – Adopted 01/29/2015”

  1. Jeannine smith

    Are all the puppies currently being treated for the parvo? Are they doing better?

  2. Christie-LFS

    Jeannine, to be proactive, they are all being treated. But, they seem to be on the mend so far. 🙂 Please keep them in your thoughts and thank you so much for asking.

  3. Spencer Hyatt

    Is there a time frame on when Gouda will be done with her treatment and will be available for adoption? I’m very interested in giving her a forever home but would like to make sure she is well first.

  4. Christie-LFS

    Hi! Gouda is still being treated at an emergency vet.
    We are unsure of when exactly she will be feeling better,
    but please fill out our adoption Application if you haven’t already. 🙂 Thank you, christie

  5. Spencer Hyatt

    Thank you for the info Christie! I filled out an adoption form last night! Colby sure is a cutie as well!

  6. Christie-LFS

    Bobbi, I believe they are all spoken for, but please stay tuned…
    More puppies are on the way. Please submit an adoption application if you are interested. 🙂

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