Valentina – Adopted 02/20/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_ValHappy Gotcha Day Valentina!

LFS_AvailableDog2015_Valentina1MEET VALENTINA! Valentina is a very sweet and playful 1 year old girl. She will be heading off to her foster home tomorrow, so stay tuned for more updates about her!

FOSTER UPDATE: Valentina is pretty smart and will bring you the leash when she is keen for a walk…which is often:) she plays well with our dogs and enjoys the yard. But she prefers to be close to humans if given a choice. My husband spent time walking her and also taught my daughter how to walk her with a harness which seems to be working well. She is a sweet girl and wants to please her people. She can sit shake and lay down if she knows you have a treat…






4 comments on “Valentina – Adopted 02/20/2015”

  1. Angela Naegele

    Interested, please let me know if she is still available.

  2. Christie-LFS

    Angela, she is available! She plays well with other dogs and loves to be around people!
    Please fill out our adoption application if interested. Thank you so much, Christie

  3. Christie-LFS

    Jamie, she does have an appointment set up for Friday, so please check back in with us after that. Thank you so much for your interest, Christie

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