Spike – Adopted 03/07/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_SpikeHappy Gotcha Day Spike!

Meet SPIKE. Spike is a 4 year old, 87 lbs boy. Knows  sit and shake. Great with people and other dogs. He was rescued from a shelter in TN. Owner surrender because they were moving. Let’s help this very sweet boy find a forever home. If you would like to adopt Spike please fill out the form here.

FOSTER UPDATE: Spike is a super dog.  He has settled in faster than any previous foster. The first evening he went into his crate without a fuss and uses it as a place to nap during the day.  He has no food aggression and seems to have got used to the cat.  He loves playing with toys and likes you to play with them too.  He is used to a leash, but does not walk to heel yet.  He is big! He does like to jump up on you (his paws come up to my shoulders!) so he may be too big for small children.  He is wary of being petted on the head and can shrink away if you reach for his collar, but in general he is a very happy, friendly dog.  He likes to be near you, and likes lying next to you on the sofa with his head on your lap: no problem with head petting then. And, of course, he can and does jump a 4′ fence.





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