Hogan – Adopted 06/05/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Hogan!

Meet HOGAN. Palmer and Hogan were found together as strays and left at the Gilmer County Shelter.  Both are about 5-6 months old and have slightly docked tails. Now they have hit the jackpot and joined the LFS family!  Palmer has a thick yellow coat and soft caramel ears.  He was very curious about everything during the drive to the vet, but eventually made a bed with the blanket and snuggled with Hogan. Poor Hogan had an upset tummy during the ride but otherwise he slept most of the way.  He has a beautiful, shiny black coat and really perked up when seeing other dogs in the vet’s waiting room.

Palmer just got adopted. Now is Hogan’s turn to find his forever family!


HOGAN UPDATE: One of the benefits of adopting a puppy that is a little older (Hogan is about 5 months old) is that you still get the essence of puppy-hood but without the potty training issues! Hogan is an amazing little guy. He is such a happy & friendly pup who also is house trained (read – zero accidents!) and is crate trained – ok he may need a bit of coaxing with a treat but once he is in his crate he is quite the gentleman. Hogan is a little tank with BIG floppy ears. Actually it’s so cute to watch him run and play with his foster sisters with his ears flying. While he has big paws we don’t think he will get that big – sizewise. But he is solidly built. And what a great pup. He loves to play and run and run and run. But when it’s time to chill, he just plops down and says I’m done for now, pet me please! He’s very friendly and loves his foster sisters and humans. He isn’t so happy on the leash right now, but we can work on that. He will make an awesome companion to the lucky family who adopts him.




4 comments on “Hogan – Adopted 06/05/2015”

  1. Hailee Barnes


    I am very interested in adopting Hogan. Please give me a call. My phone number is (406)396-4315.


  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi Hailee!
    Hogan does have an appointment set up for today, but please check back with us on his status.
    Thanks so much for your interest,

  3. Deb Gilbert

    Hello, I have been approved as an adopter and was wondering if Hogan is still available? Has he been exposed to kitties? H/W tested? I see he is crate/potty trained- awesome! He is such a cutie!

  4. Christie-LFS

    Hi Deb!
    He did just find his forever home! 🙂 Thanks for asking though and you might take a look at Ajax. We are going to update his photos soon. His skin has gotten much much better and he is ready for a home! 🙂

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